On Sunday, a new episode of Cupcake Wars came out. This time, bakers we're competing to have their cupcakes at a VIP party celebrating the start of the Screamfest, an event that centers around horror films.
It's a good episode. Whatch it on the Food Network.
The Angrey Birds Space episode of Cupcake Wars came out recently. I'd definetly whatch it, but I have know idea how the winner came out of Round 2 (hint hint hint). As far as decorations go, there was a big diference between each display in Round 3.

To learn more about Cupcake Wars, go to the Cupcakes Wars page. The link to the offical Cupcake Wars page is located there. I love to whatch the cool videos that go behind-the-scenes in the show. 
The "Additional Resources" page is in the making, along with the "Cupcake Wars" page. Be sure to check out both! In fact, Cupcake Wars was part of the reason is developed a passion for cupcakes. I would definitely recomend whatching it! I will try to get a post going every time a new episode airs.
Welcome, everyone, to the best cupcake site around. I'm really excited to share my love of cupcakes with everyone.
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